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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: mod_negotiation gif/jpeg issues
Date Fri, 19 Jul 1996 10:13:28 GMT
> > He thought a good solution would be to specify a default type map that
> > would apply when a map isn't available and is built from a directory
> > listing instead (so he could say treat all "image/jpeg" as qs=0.6 and
> > "image/gif" as qs=0.5)
> No, in fact I would veto its addition to the source.  The qs value
> is the quality of the image as perceived by a human being; assigning
> it a default for all images of a certain type would be a direct
> violation of the protocol and greatly hinder true content negotiation.

All the user wanted to do was to replace 300 .VAR files that all said
"here is a gif as qs=0.5 and here is a jpeg at qs=0.6" with one .VAR file
that applied _throughout_ his server.

> The proper response is to make the "what to do if all other things are
> equal" function be dependent on user agent.

Agreed.  I really wanted to avoid another user agent dependant thing
(specially since you can't trust user agents).

[Aside: MSIE 3.0b2 sends the very useful "Accept: */*" and also three
extra headers that give your screen size, bits per pixel, CPU type and
operating system "ua_cpu","ua_disp","ua_os" blurgh!]


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