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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: heres a patch for mod_alias.c - does the per dir redirect correctly
Date Thu, 04 Jul 1996 17:51:44 GMT
On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Nathan Neulinger wrote:

> Seems to work ok for me... Someone else might want to take a look over it
> though...

Looks good. Just about what I was going to do; just a couple notes:

1) I wouldn't allocate 20 table entries in create_alias_dir_config().
   Most people aren't going to use it, and it'll just take up memory.
   Just allocate 1 or 2. (remember, the Apache code will add more if
   it needs it)

2) You only need to check each type of redirect once; only check the
   server one in translate_alias_redir(), and only check the
   per-dir one in fixup_redir(). In fact, checking for per-dir in
   translate_alias_redir() might cause problems on some systems,
   because the per-dir config hasn't been assembled yet (it's
   assembled in directory_walk(), which is called *after*

Otherwise, looks good. I'd make the changes myself, but I don't trust
me anymore. So if you wouldn't mind... :)

> Please let me know if the diff is the correct format...

Yes, it's in a perfectly correct format.

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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