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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject mod_perl-0.76b1
Date Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:19:07 GMT
Since the last Apache/Perl announcement (0.70b1), we've moved much closer 
to making the embedded interpreter transparent to Perl script authors,
and at the same time, coming in-line with Apache's ExecCGI security policy.  

While the package is making it's way around CPAN, it is also available at:

>From the Changes file:
July 26, 1996

o release 0.76b1

o included Sven Verdoolaege's (experimental) patch for minimal TIEHANDLE
  support, so we can tie *STDOUT, 'print' instead of '$r->print' that is.

o added (experimental) Apache::TieHandle module

o included Chip Salzenberg's patch

o added UsersGuide document

o if no PerlHandler is defined we fail with a SERVER_ERROR

o Apache::Registry now checks to make sure uri is not a directory

o applied Apache::Registry patch from Andreas for minor clean-up 
  and an extra error check
July 21, 1996

o release 0.75a1

o added Apache::Registry module contributed by 
  Andreas Koenig <>

o Apache::SSI now checks ExecCGI option before doing an 'exec'

o included patch for mod_alias.c to allow for PerlAlias directive

o added allow_options and is_perlaliased methods to

o added Apache::Options module

o added Apache::Debug module

o applied patch from Andreas Koenig <> to
  -fake up a PerlScript if one is not specified
  -ITERATE over PerlModule directive so it will accept multiple modules
  -no longer store request_rec in $Apache::Request
o we now require ExtUtils::Embed as it has been re-named for
  the standard perl distribution as of 5.003_01

July 19, 1996

o release 0.71b1

o added PERL_CCFLAGS to Makefile.tmpl as suggested by 
  Lincoln Stein <>

o subroutines no longer need to return '0' for OK status, 200 and 1 
  are 'OK' too.

o added 'PerlHandler' as replacement for 'PerlResponse',
  seems like a more appropriate name after Salvador's 
  'AddHandler' suggestion

o added item to the handler_rec so we can say 'AddHandler'
  Thanks to Salvador Garcia <>

o fixed bug with storing 'PerlModule's read from srm.conf
  Thanks to Salvador Garcia <> for the spot and helping with the fix
o more Makefile.tmpl fixes from Andreas Koenig <>



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