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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject mod_perl-70b1 & Apache::SSI
Date Sun, 14 Jul 1996 23:40:22 GMT
I've put together a new version of the mod_perl package here's what's new:

Most of the show-stopping bugs have been stomped out, moving us into
beta.  These modules have been viewed as a way to speed-up CGI type
applications, but it is also possible to write Apache modules in Perl
for things such as server-side includes.  
A new module 'Apache::SSI' is included as an example of this functionality.
It provides the same functionality as mod_include (almost), but it is
easily extendible by subclassing Apache::SSI or defining Apache::SSI
directive handlers.
Writing this module was extra simple thanks to Gisle's fantastic 
HTML::* modules.

The package has been uploaded to CPAN and is also available at:

Here are some of the changes:
o applied patch from Andreas Koenig <> to fix 
  Makefile.tmpl bug, typos and documentation clean-up

o Added Apache::SSI module for server side includes

o Added 'PerlModule' directive for loading modules in srm.conf

o fixed read_client_block bug that was causing trailing garbage to show up
  on the client for some people. 
  Thanks to Alan Beale <> for the fix.


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