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Subject Re: Bad choice of directory names for info- & status-modules
Date Wed, 24 Jul 1996 18:07:15 GMT
>   Of course it is, that's what it *does*. Just like <Directory>, it looks
>   for files (or in this case, URLs) that match the given prefix. Except
>   that <Directory> tacks on a / if one doesn't exist (the theory being
>   that it has to be a directory), <Location> doesn't.
> IMHO, <Location> should behave the same, to avoid gotchas like this
> --- in other words, it should only match whole, and not partial, URL
> path segments.  The current behavior strikes me as more bug-like than
> feature-like, and I really doubt that a whole lot of people are 
> depending on it...

I agree completely.  I didn't even realize that <Location> did partial
matching like this.  I certainly wouldn't have use <Location /info> as
the default if I had been aware of that.


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