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Subject Re: Content-type "image/gif;qs=0.5" breaks browsers.
Date Fri, 19 Jul 1996 19:36:39 GMT
> On Fri, 19 Jul 1996, Mark J Cox wrote:
> > Heres a patch that strips all mime type paramaters unless someone
> > _really_ wants to send them.  I can't think of any situations that need
> > the subtype definition so I'll submit this on Monday if I see no
> > objections. 
> I'm with Roy. This is a Bad Idea. There are very good reasons to have
> paramaters on content types (charset, for example). This is not a good
> reason to strip them all off.
> A better idea might be to simply make a "DefaultQuality image/gif 0.5"
> directive. Shouldn't be that hard. (look at where it sets the quality for
> CGI scripts - put it in there).

RFC-1867 File Uploads set the Mime boundary as a parameter in the
content type field as well.  I use file uploads extensively to distribute
software and would hate to see that broken.

Then again, that is only for stuff going to the other way (browser->server)
so perhaps this isn't relevant to this discussion at all.


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