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Subject Re: Bugs?
Date Tue, 16 Jul 1996 16:52:05 GMT
> > I know that a while back we decided to keep a bug list. Did anyone
> > actually do it? Is it being maintained?
> > 
> > It worries me that a lot of bugs float by which seem to me need fixing
> > but we tend to just lose them in the mists of time.
> Last I remember, Rasmuss was on his way to a wedding with his
> palmtop where he was going to write the mail/bugs interface.
> I see that you switched to Smartlist Rasmus, did you run out of
> batteries? :-)

Well, I didn't think there was a lot of enthusiasm for building a new
bug-tracking system back then.  A couple of "go for it"'s and a bunch of
"why re-invent the wheel?" messages.  

I did have some problems with my mailing list code, and have gotten quite
bored of it.  SmartList might actually not be a bad choice in terms of a
bug-list tracking system.  The procmail rules that drives it are very
flexible.  Couple that with some intelligent web screens and it should
be possible to build a reasonable system.  I will try to find some time
to have another look at this.  I'll probably build something for tracking
PHP/FI bugs and if it seems useful, we can set it up on Hyperreal as well.


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