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Subject Re: Apache 1.1.1 release schedule and the FreeBSD release
Date Fri, 05 Jul 1996 19:19:03 GMT
> 1. What version of Apache would we like to see them include?

Would depend a bit on their deadline.  If they can wait until Monday,
then I say go with 1.1.1.

> 2. Can we plan to roll a 1.1.1 release at 10:00pm US CDT?

That would be a tad rushed.

> 3. Patches to include in a 1.1.1 release (vote for all)
> a) mod_alias fix supplied by Nathan
> b) mod_auth_msql patches supplied by Dirk
> c) others? (please specify)

How about fixing the mod_anon_auth creative spelling as well.  
"Anonymous_Authorative" does not make much sense.


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