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Subject Module Configuration Directive Descriptions
Date Tue, 02 Jul 1996 21:37:53 GMT
One thing I have commented on before is the lack of directive
descriptions in the various modules.  This is by no means a critical
thing, but for completeness sake, it would be nice if all modules
had appropriate description strings.  

If you look at:

you will see that the following modules/directives do not have
built-in descriptions:

digest_module: AuthDigestFile

dbm_auth_module: AuthDBMUserFile, AuthDBMGroupFile

anon_auth_module: Anonymous

dir_module: FancyIndexing, DirectoryIndex

negotiation_module: CacheNegotiatedDocs, LanguagePriority

auth_module: AuthUserFile, AuthGroupFile

core_module: Directory, Location, Limit, AuthName, Require, AccessFileName,
DocumentRoot, ErrorDocument, AllowOverride, Options, HostnameLookups,
IdentityCheck, StartServers, MinSpareServers, MaxServers, ServersSafetyLimit,
MaxClients, MaxRequestsPerChild, VirtualHost

Once 1.1 is out, it would probably be best if the people who are
responsible for the various modules fixed this, or alternatively, I don't
mind whipping up a patch that fixes all of these.


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