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Subject Re: support dir
Date Tue, 02 Jul 1996 18:25:19 GMT
> > if the install-apache script is itself build by autoconf (as I imagine it
> > would be), that's certainly the obvious way to do it...
> That's what I'd think. Of course, the really neat way to do it is to make
> a real, live person downloadable with Apache, and they set it up for you.
> Any volunteers?

One way to make this a bit easier would be to create a simple little
shell-script wrapper for the configure command.  It might ask a few
simple questions, like: "Where is your document root?", "Where would 
you like your server configuration files stored?", and "Which user user/group
id should the server run as?".  All with defaults of course.  Then simply
call configure from this shell script with the appropriate command line
arguments.  I do it this way for the mod_php install, and so far I have had
very few installation oriented support problems.

With something like this we would be able to have a single-command 
server installation.  It can even check if there is something in
DOCUMENT_ROOT, and if there isn't, install a sample page with some
links to the documentation on


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