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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@liege.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject Re: HTTP/1.1
Date Thu, 25 Jul 1996 23:18:16 GMT
> I've just uploaded a revised HTTP/1.1 patch to
> /httpd/incoming/http11a.patch. It fixes a number of the problems with the
> first one.
> I agree; it's a large patch, and there are sure to be problems, but I
> think it's better to commit it all as is, and fix the problems, then to
> keep revising the patch. (all the pieces fit together, so it'd be hard to
> split it up into seperate patches, as well).

Nope, don't commit that one -- we cannot change the server's HTTP version
until after we test the HTTP/1.1 features, which won't be finished until
the IESG approves the draft.  We don't need to change SERVER_PROTOCOL
until the last minute anyway.

> Anyone else think this is the right approach?

Yes -- everything except the change to SERVER_PROTOCOL can be applied
and tested as an HTTP/1.0 server.

Skimming it, the one code problem I see is the fixed boundary for
byte ranges -- that won't work because the server may be sending
a file which was once generated by a prior byterange output (e.g., an
example from the documentation or prior test cases or somebody's bug report).
At least part of the boundary (preferably most of it) must be pseudo-random.

> Re HTTP/1.1, though, I've a question; mainly for Roy, but if anyone else
> knows the answer, that'd be nice: What is the status of HTTP/1.1? The last
> call period on draft -05 came and went a few weeks ago. I never saw a new
> last call on draft -06, will there be one, or will the IESG just approve
> -06 directly? If so, is there a likely date when this might happen? I'd
> perfer to avoid the HTML 3.0 fiasco by not releasing Apache 1.2 until
> after HTTP/1.1 is at least a proposed standard. I'd be nice to have an
> approximate date on this.

Unknown -- it took them two months to approve HTTP/1.0 as informational
after the last comment was made.


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