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From Dirk vanGulik <>
Subject Re: malloc patch
Date Thu, 25 Jul 1996 08:26:29 GMT
No problem, feel free to zap that name; I'll do so from now on
code I send out to this list; we do it internally for obvious 
reasons; we even insist on it for internal doc's, but I see 
your point.


> Sorry, but no. -1 Do not pass go, do not collect $200. RST gets his name
> there because he wrote the original code, so does Rob M if he wrote it.
> We also put names in some of the modules people wrote or totall rewrote on
> their own, like mod_status or mod_actions or mod_imap. But if you get your
> name in the code for a seven line patch, then I demand my name in all the
> peices of code *I've* written. And so will everyone else. I just don't
> think this is appropriate. CVS keeps logs, we don't need them in the
> files.
> There have been a lot of modifications to alloc.c since version 0.8.0 of
> Apache, when it was introduced, like there have been to all the files.
> None of them got attribution, neither do yours.
> A little thing, but IMHO it's important.

Hope I did not offend any-one.


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