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From Dirk vanGulik <>
Subject Re: Satisfy Directive Support
Date Tue, 23 Jul 1996 08:15:31 GMT

> Hmmm... last time I tried to figure out *exactly* what "Satisfy" did,
> from NCSA 1.5 beta source code, I *think* there was only one reference
> to it in the code, and all it did was check whether access *and* auth
> had to pass to allow access, or whether either access *or* auth could
> allow it --- without changing what access and auth themselves did.

Yes, that is what I think as well; but I could not quite understand how
the fall trough worked; I have a feeling that it might do strange things
if a directory exist but the file does not.

> This could be done entirely within the core, without hacking the modules.
> That's why I like it ;-).

Go for it :-)


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