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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Configurable nph filenames
Date Thu, 11 Jul 1996 19:46:08 GMT wrote:
> > I say we move the development version to a threaded server immediately. I
> > know others agree with me. Can we put it to a vote or something, so we can
> > at least get a clear idea of where we're going, and how better to get
> > there?
> I would like to see the threaded code added as soon as possible as well.
> However, I would like to see an option to make it easy to switch back
> and forth between a threaded model and a traditional forking model.  A 
> compile-time #define should be trivial, but a run-time configuration
> directive would be super cool.  Being able to both fork and thread might
> be an interesting thing to explore as well.  ie. configure each daemon
> to have a limited number of threads and fork a new daemon when necessary.
> This way one might turn off threading by simply limiting each process to
> a single thread.

That probably has to happen anyway coz of resource limitations, anyway.
However, the architecture makes it difficult it to limit to one thread without
special coding, because, for example, DNS resolving runs in its own thread.



> -Rasmus

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