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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: The Olympics
Date Sun, 28 Jul 1996 03:20:46 GMT
In article <>,
Brian Behlendorf  <> wrote:
>Also, I noticed that while the primary web server at
> is some weird IBM "TURBO-WOM" server, all the
>images are inlined from an Apache 1.1.1 server running on port 8080.
>Uh, coool.

They haven't figured out yet that many old clients and proxies don't grok
<img> tags that reference a different port?  Don't ask me what versions
of what don't grok it... all I know is that when hotbot launched using
image servers on different ports (don't ask me, it wasn't my doing)
there were dozens of support letters complaining about it.  Although
it could have been an issue with a redirect hopping them to another
port -- another thing that proxies don't like.


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