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From Michael Smith <>
Subject Difficulty with proxy module
Date Wed, 24 Jul 1996 13:13:21 GMT
Am I the only person who is unable to get the proxy module to do
anything?  I have compiled it in OK, but can't get it to behave like a
proxy.  I have cut httpd.conf down to a minimum, with the line

ProxyRequests on

(I guess that helps)

I would have thought that

ProxyRemote *

(or $) would have redirected eveything to the apache web site but have
also tried things like

ProxyRemote http://wombat:8002/

but nothing.  I've also tried

ProxyPass /blob

but get URL not found for any URI beginning with blob.

Any help much appreciated as ever!

I've also been unable to get Listen t work differently for different
ports, but I won't worry about that now :)


Michael Smith

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