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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Intelligent Configure, take II
Date Wed, 31 Jul 1996 16:28:56 GMT
Robert S. Thau wrote:
>   If there is objection to the "which platform
>   are you" stuff, I'll fill in Ben's detection code (I'll most probably do
>   that anyway).
> Sorry, even that won't eliminate all the questions --- as we've been
> through repeatedly, there is *no way* for a script to correctly guess
> whether to compile in SOCKS support, or whether to use NIS vs. DNS,
> and there are people in the group who strongly object to being asked
> each time through.  Options like this really do have to go into a
> config file.

Easily done... My intention is that by adding "rules" to Configuration,
people can totally avoid all questions that Configure may ask. That way,
it hopefully covers both bases.

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