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From Tom Tromey <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src CHANGES Configuration.tmpl Makefile.tmpl
Date Tue, 30 Jul 1996 18:35:36 GMT
Alexei> I suppose... Okay, enough already. I still think the warning
Alexei> should be toned down in Configuration (if only because it
Alexei> makes it even longer... we desperately need autoconf,
Alexei> methinks). I'm also concerned about broken regex
Alexei> implementations. For example, we know (or at least, I've been
Alexei> told) that the Linux regex libraries are leaky, and I think I
Alexei> remember reading somewhere that the Solaris 2.4 ones don't
Alexei> work. How do we compensate for that? (especially with
Alexei> autoconf, which, realistically, pretty much can only look for
Alexei> /usr/include/regex.h, although I suppose it could be progammed
Alexei> to identify certain broken versions)

Actually, autoconf can do a lot more than just look for header files.
For instance it can (if you're not too concerned with cross-compiling)
run small programs to look for specific bugs in library functions.
(Eg, Tcl's configure script looks for common bugs in strtod using this

The real problem is finding out about specific bugs in various vendor
regex packages.  And sometimes testing for such bugs can be hard (ie
how do you write a test to see if memory has been leaked?  Sounds

One plan is to just set up an autoconf framework so that future known
bugs can be tested for.  IE write to check for the regex
functions, and then do a simple sanity test.  Then as more bugs are
found (presumably by Apache users in the field -- ugh), more tests can
be added.

--                 Member, League for Programming Freedom

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