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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Re: Items for 1.2 (fwd)
Date Tue, 30 Jul 1996 03:51:27 GMT

Alexei Kosut writes:
> > Much as I'd love to have code in the next release of Apache
> > (and I really would), I must point out a serious reservation about xssi,
> > its not going to thread cleanly, if at all, in its present incarnation.
> > Specifically, it uses a couple file-scoped static variables to control
> > whether text is being sent to the client (under control of a
> > <!--#if -->).  The original mod_include.c wasn't designed to have a
> > not-send mode, and I took the coward's way out.
> Hmm. The only one I see is printing (are there any I missed?), which looks
> like it'd be very easy to make threadsafe; just declare it in
> send_parsed_content(), and then pass a pointer to find_string(),
> handle_if(), handle_elif() and handle_else(). That seems simple enough.

In the current version there is another, conditional_status.  Its
used in all the same spots (except find_string).  Without looking,
I thought that I'd left it in the macro which would've been ugly
indeed.  As you point out, I'd probably just create a status structure
as an automatic and pass pointers to it everywhere.  I'll crank
that out this week or weekend sometime.

Actually, a redesign had been on my mind anyway, 1) for the
possibility (and only if asked real nicely because I really don't
want to) of adding while loops and 2) because I may want to port it
to netscape without any of the original code (and probably intentionally
slower to boot!).


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