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From sameer <>
Subject Re: suEXEC, son of suCGI.
Date Mon, 29 Jul 1996 17:03:17 GMT
> 1.  At startup (and at SIGHUP?), the server checks for the suexec binary,
> as DEFINEd at compilation.  If it exists, is owned by root, and is
> setuid'd, it enables suexec.  It any of these checks fail, it disables
> suexec.

	I'd suggest also doing an md5sum check on the suexec
binary. You're doing all these checks already, so you may as well,
imo, make sure the binary isn't corrupted.

> 2.  When call_exec is executed, it checks to see if suexec is enabled.  If
> not, it will behave per Apache norm.  If so, then it continues...
> 3.  It checks to see if the User or Group defined for the host of the
> current request is different from the User and Group defined for the main
> server; *OR* if the request is within a ~userdir.  If not, it will behave
> per Apache norm.  If so, then it continues...
> 4.  If the request is within a UserDir, it modifies the call to the setuid
> binary slightly.  If not it leaves the request alone.
> 5.  The setuid layer is executed.  The following checks are made, and
> if any fail, the setuid layer spits out an error and returns:
> 	* correct number of arguments?
> 	* at hard limit for open files?
> 	* is uid of current user valid?
> 	* is the current user allowed to execute this code (i.e. is this
>           the server?)
> 	* is there a '/' in the requested command?
> Then, it checks to see if it is within a UserDir.  If so, it uses the
> user's homedir as the DOC_ROOT.  If not, it uses the DEFINEd DOC_ROOT.
> 	* is the current working directory within the DOC_ROOT?
> 	* can we stat the current directory, and is it a directory?
> 	* is the current working dir not writable by others?
> 	* can we stat the target program, and is it not a link?
> 	* is the target program not writable by others?
> 	* is the target program not setuid or setgid?
> 	* is the target userid valid?
> 	* is the target groupid valid?
> 	* are the dir and file owner/group the same as target owner/group?
> 	* is the target uid not 0?
> 	* is the target gid not 0?
> 	* were initgroups() and setgid() properly executed?
> 	* was setuid() properly executed?
> That's pretty much the current design and status.  I apologize if I was
> unclear on any of's WAY to early.  8)
> To close, here is what I see on the TODO list to finish this up.  Any
> additions, deletions, code patches, et cetera are greatly appreciated.
> 8)
> 	* paranoia() routine within server
> 	* Directory/Location User and Group implementation
> 	* better documentation
> 	* better logging, including logging exec errors to the target
> 	  user's homedir instead-of/as-well-as logging to the server.
> 	* allow limited root suEXEC behaviour somehow (MAYBE)
> there,letthegamesbegin,
> Jason
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