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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject regex libs
Date Sun, 28 Jul 1996 15:22:57 GMT
Let's start a vote.

 o Should the included regex lib be used by default?

Although I can see the opposing point, I would vote -1. There are some
platforms with very robust regex implementations, and they should be
able to use them. I think that the OS sections in Configuration.tmpl
should, on a case-by-case basis determine if regex/libregex.a should
be linked in, with the default that it's not.

In any case, shouldn't the regex source be located in the support section,
unless, of course, we accept the responsibility of maintaining the
regex stuff. With the way it currently stands (it being in ./src and
used by default) we really do open ourselves to supporting not only
Apache but that as well. By moving it to support and using it only
when needed, we can work around that (and state that Apache requires
a robust POSIX/regex implementation. If your system doesn't have one,
add REGLIB=../support/regex/libregex.a to your entry in Configuration.tmpl
or you may use any implementation you'd like).

Makefile.tmpl can easily be modified to look for REGLIB and create it
if needed.
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