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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Re: RDM
Date Sun, 28 Jul 1996 00:53:57 GMT

Robert S. Thau writes:
>   2) "Squid", which is an attempt to continue development of the 
>      Harvest codebase as free software, under another name, with
>      (as I understand it) relatively little involvement from the
>      original developers.

I thought squid was just caching, I guess I'll look further.

> As to compatibility with Harvest, you'll note that everything is
> specified as SOIF.  The protocol they use is layered on HTTP in such
> a way that it actually looks like invocations of a CGI script (you
> POST some SOIF data to a fixed URL) --- as I understand it, the
> intention is that it should be easy to implement the thing as a CGI
> drop-in to any existing web server.

Would think so.

> As to whether that CGI drop-in could just slap an RDM header onto
> whatever it gets from a Harvest broker, and spit back the result...
> well, I dunno.  This would be an interesting question to ask 'em
> directly; mind if I forward the note?

I would assume so, but there's an obscure (as yet to me) statement that
it uses the gatherer command language.  I'm under the impression
that the gatherer runs, once, as a seperate process storing data into
a database.  The broker is then used to retrieve the data.  (As I
said, I only started looking last night so I could be completely
wrong.)  What part they're referring to by the gatherer command language
I'm not clear on yet.  I should be more able to ask intelligent
questions by the end on next week.  Although the project I'm working
on isn't using apache, I am keeping it in mind.

(I switched jobs 3 weeks ago.  I'm now STK's intranet webmaster.
Since this is a corporate thing, the choice of servers is political.
I MUST use netscape.  And I can't even complain because my other
choice is IIS.  Funny, in a year or so of using apache, I've run
into 3 bugs that required fixing.  I submitted three to netscape
in the first 3 days of really using theirs.  Including one that caused
all 20 server process to choke themselves every three hours.)

Howard Fear      email1:

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