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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject RDM
Date Fri, 26 Jul 1996 21:27:32 GMT
Netscape's spec for RDM (Resource Description Messages) has finally shown
up on the W3C web site, as a note (their drafts generally are available at --- this took a little longer than one might
like, but I think some of the delay may well have been w3c-internal).  The
specific URL for the current RDM draft is:

The general intent of this is to allow a site to advertise a specific
table of contents, to direct robots in more specific ways than a
robots.txt file would allow, and to support queries of the form
"what's new on your site *generally* since [date]?", which would allow
indexing engines to do a full-spectrum update without subjecting sites
to a blizzard of if-modified-since requests (which are mostly
pointless --- but the indexer has no way to know in advance which ones
are pointless...).

It's also worth noting that this represents at least a step on their
part away from standardization-by-fiat.  FWIW, some Netscape folks are
actually interested in having us support it --- anyone care to have a


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