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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: C++ components?
Date Wed, 24 Jul 1996 15:12:52 GMT
Ben Laurie wrote:
> > > 4. Do any of you actually like C++?
> > 
> > Well... not really. I guess because it so much like and yet unlike
> > C is what bothers me about it. OOP is great,I just wish C++ wasn't
> > so C-like. It's hard to switch gears.
> Interesting. For me, the extreme similarity to C is one of the great strengths
> of C++ (after all, it is C, just wrappered up [apart from static
> constructors/destructors which simply can't be done in C but can be worked
> around]). I don't actually find it hard to switch gears, except you can
> occasionally find me staring in a puzzled way at a screen, wondering why
> "for(int n=0 ; n < 23 ; ++n)" didn't work.
> That said, it did take a good few months of solid slog to get my brain into
> the right rut for C++, and several more years before I could launch into C++
> with complete confidence. I now write everything in C++ (if I have the choice).

Ditto. Back when it looked like C++ would "replace" C, I went into
major C++ mode. Used it almost all the time. But then it was hardly
ever used with any projects I worked on, most groups/projects/people
prefering K&R C (not even Ansi!).

For me, I find to really code good C++, I must be in OOP mode; after
all if you don't take advantage of the OOP capabilities of C++, you
might as well code C, and for me, that involves a switch of gears.
Having C++ and C so similar causes me, because I use C++ SO infrequently,
to end up C++ but de-evolve to C, as it were.

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