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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Regex added
Date Wed, 24 Jul 1996 04:15:25 GMT
> Whee...
> Okay, I just added Henry Spencer's POSIX regex library to Apache. I added
> it as-is, with appropriate lines in the Apache makefile to compile it when
> you make Apache. There are, still, several issues remaining:
> 1) using the system libraries, if you want. I'm really not sure how to do
> this. Not without doing things to the Makefile that I'm not really sure
> we want to do (how important is it *really* for people to use their OS'
> regex library, anyhow?). I suppose you could put "#ifdef HAVE_POSIX_REGEX"
> or something around all of Spencer's files, though.
> 2) the header file. regex.h, namely. Spencer's Makefile makes this, it
> doesn't come with it, so we kinda are stuck with it. Do we want to add an
> -Iregex so you can do "#include <regex.h>"? (this would also make using
> OS regex libraries instead easier).
> 3) pregcomp(). This should be pretty easy to write; which file does it get
> to be in? Should it go into alloc.c with pfopen()? Or maybe util.c with
> the other string functions? Or into regex/regcomp.c, which means mixing
> Apache code in with the regex library? The problem with alloc.c or util.c
> is it means that you have to include regex.h from alloc.h or httpd.h (you
> can't put it just into util.c, because you need regex_t to prototype the
> function), which means it gets included into all the Apache source. Is
> that desired? Otherwise, we have to create yet another file to contain
> just pregcomp().
> 4) The compiler warning. The patch Howard just sent fix this fine. Would
> anyone object to my commiting it?
> -- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server 

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