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From Ivan Pulleyn <>
Subject Re: C++ components?
Date Wed, 24 Jul 1996 02:07:57 GMT
> large percentage of the folks on this list aren't interested.
> Ben> 4. Do any of you actually like C++?
> Yes.

As do I.

> Ben> 5. Would there be any interest in creating C++ wrapper classes?
> Yes.  I'll even help; might be fun.


> Ben> 6. Would there be any interest in creating a completely C++ Apache?
> One caution: On every UNIX platform where I've used C++, C++ executables
> tend to be significantly larger than C-based executables for code that
> implements similar functionality.  The bulk of our production code is
> SPARC-based C++; we've decided that the maintenance and O-O advantages of
> C++ outweigh the bloat.  I'm not sure the same argument can be made for
> Apache.

I started working on a Web server written in C++. This was an excercise to
help me understand the internals of Web servers better. I would think that
rather than a C++ Apache emulator, you would want an object oriented server 
to be designed with it's own agenda, possibly with concentration on creating 
a very flexible API. I mean, if you are going to start from scratch, give
yourself the freedom that comes with not having a large installed user base to
keep happy.


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