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From Brian Clapper <>
Subject Re: C++ components?
Date Tue, 23 Jul 1996 21:27:46 GMT
>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Laurie <> writes:

Ben> I'd be interested to know about these things:

Ben> 2. Which OSes don't support C++?

If the platform has relatively up-to-date GCC on it, it has a reasonable
C++ compiler.

Ben> 3. Which OSes don't support templates?

Beware of templates.  Practically every compiler implements them
differently, particularly w.r.t. linkage.  I've run into lots of problems
porting templatized code between different compilers on UNIX boxes.  e.g.,
Sun SPARCWorks compiler uses one method of resolving template references;
g++ 2.6.3 uses another; cfront-conforming compilers use yet a third.
Somewhere in GCC info docs is a decent description of the difference.
E-mail me privately if you'd like me to dig it up for you; I suspect a
large percentage of the folks on this list aren't interested.

Ben> 4. Do any of you actually like C++?


Ben> 5. Would there be any interest in creating C++ wrapper classes?

Yes.  I'll even help; might be fun.

Ben> 6. Would there be any interest in creating a completely C++ Apache?

One caution: On every UNIX platform where I've used C++, C++ executables
tend to be significantly larger than C-based executables for code that
implements similar functionality.  The bulk of our production code is
SPARC-based C++; we've decided that the maintenance and O-O advantages of
C++ outweigh the bloat.  I'm not sure the same argument can be made for
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