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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: Broken clients
Date Tue, 23 Jul 1996 02:24:21 GMT

Howard Fear said:
> Alexei Kosut writes:
> > On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, Ben Laurie wrote:
> > Out of half a dozen OSes I have access to, four of them (HP-UX 9.04,
> > Solaris 2.5, BSDI 2.0, Linux 1.2.0) have the POSIX regex functions,
> > and two don't (IRIX 5.3 and SunOS 4.1.1). To my mind, that's a good
> > enough chunk of OSes that my vote goes for POSIX, with compatible
> > functions in a source file somewhere for those OSes that don't have
> > it. I mean, if the functions are already in libc, why not use them?
> Because some of the system provided ones don't work.  For example,
> the linux version I'm using definitedly leaks (tested and confirmed).
> I'd opt for including Henry Spencer's which is well tested and
> (I believe) POSIX compliant.

Hmm.. that reminds me, we still need to do that memory test with the new
libc 5.3.12.  It is making life very hard for me, and I have not been 
able to track it down. 

It leaks... badly.
kill -HUP kills the main server, all other childern become zombie and stay
Proxy module causes the entire thing to SIGBUS. 
Repeated (~100) requests of the same page will cause the child to go zombie
	and stops answering calls, another child is lauched in it's place
	but the original never goes away.

This is compiled under Linux 2.0.7, libc 5.3.12, with -g3 and every module
in the std disterbution. (excluding dld, and mod_db)


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