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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Re: Broken clients
Date Mon, 22 Jul 1996 21:57:39 GMT

Chuck Murcko writes:
> I don't think Howard's observation is quite good enough to reject
> system-provided regex outright. We have to balance the hassle of maintaining
> and updating another chunk of code that'll be statically linked into every
> instance of Apache with working around bad OS versions of the package.
> Apache doesn't have to carry around OS regex as extra baggage. Someday
> Linux will get it right.

Umm.... I understand Solaris 2.4 also has problems, functional instead
of memory.  No, the reason to carry our own is to make maintenance
easier to do.  I spent a couple of hours tracking down the memory
leak on linux before getting it down to the system regex.  I'd hate
to start getting bur reports of: Apache 1.2.x on Unix_flavor_of_the_week
is leaking memory.  Tracking down whether its actually a problem with
the server or the OS wouldn't be fun.  Fortunately, all the pool stuff
does make it easier to find.  Unfortunately regex packages won't use

It really wouldn't make much of a difference except that OS regex
packages have historically tended towards unreliable.

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