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Subject Virtual Host
Date Mon, 22 Jul 1996 14:18:56 GMT

	My name is Daniel Lafraia, I'm using APACHE 0.6.4.
	I'm having some troubles on adding VIRTUAL DOMAINs.
	I've created an IP (A) for (

# VirtualHost allows you to look differently depending on the hostname you
# are called by.  The parameter must be either an IP address or a hostname
# that maps to a single IP address.  Most of the normal httpd.conf commands
# are available, as well as the ability to denote a special ResourceConfig
# file for this host.

	Here you say it's possible to use "ResourceConfig" into 
VirtualHost but it doesn't work.

	See the <VirtualHost> command.

DocumentRoot /www/transbra/index.html
#ResourceConfig conf/transbrasa.conf
ErrorLog logs/transbrasa.error
TransferLog logs/transbrasa.access

	When I call it says it's unable to 
connect to host. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? Please!


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