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From sameer <>
Subject Re: 1.1 configuration questions
Date Sat, 20 Jul 1996 23:54:19 GMT
	I really hate saying bad things about people, especially a
competitor, but I can't let this question redirect be posted without a

	fwiw: thawte gives me a really bad feeling, kind of slimy. We
had an agreement back when he wasn't selling in the US to work on
added compatibility and cooperative marketing, etc., etc. Yet just two
weeks ago (or was it one week) thawte announces on the mailing list that they're selling in the US and
that Ben's patches totally suck. (Even though Ben's patches
theoretically "suck", his server has 2 installations according to
netcraft and I think ben and I have about 5000.. =)
	Having tried working in a cooperative manner with Thawte and
then hearing that announcement after our agreement really made my
opinion of this guy fall to the floor. I was the one who convinced him
to release source. If I didn't do that, then my product would be the
only commercial ssl server in the us with available source.

	simply put: I don't think thawte is doing things in the spirit
of cooperation.

> Hi all
> I'm writing a web based conf manager, and need some clarification on the
> configuration system 1.1 uses.
> First, are <Location> and <Directory> the same from a directive's point of
> view? IOW, will any and all directives that work in <Directory> work in
> <Location>, and are their no directives that work in <Location> but not
> <Directory>?
> Second, is there a definitive list of directives that are affected by
> <Limit>?
> Third, can I mix and match between auth, auth_db and auth_dbm? For
> example, can i use AuthDBMGroupFile with AuthUserFile? If I have:
> AuthUSerFile users
> AuthDBUserFile users.db
> does the second directive replace the first, or are both checked?
> Thanks very much,
> Mark
> --
> Mark Shuttleworth
> Thawte Consulting

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