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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Re: Let's get rid of .htaccess files :-)
Date Fri, 19 Jul 1996 01:10:34 GMT

Robert S. Thau writes:
> I tend to agree... I'd favor running the thing as a cache (meaning parse
> as encountered, and also perhaps toss them on an LRU basis of the total
> amount of cached stuff exceeds a threshold).

If you're going to do it in memory, you'd have to do this or
something similar.  At 8k per, a small servers probably not going to
want more than 64 per process - 1/2 meg times maybe 10 active servers
for a small server.  It adds up quickly.

> As I mentioned in my last note regarding the topic, memory consumption
> of the cache is an issue --- less so in a threaded server, which would
> have to keep dramatically fewer copies of the cache, but potentially
> serious at those currently busy sites which have more than a hundred
> server processes running with the current pooled model.

It gets ugly quickly with the pre-forking server if you're webspace is
wide, lots of active virtual hosts for example.  Consider a graphic
loaded page and netscape configured with 16 concurrent connections.
All 16 will probably be serviced by different server processes filling
all of their caches with several (the stack of) entries.  I don't
think there's going to be any way to tune this to get good hit
ratios.  Of course, even at 0%, you're basically even (minus the cache
maintenance cycles) with the current design.

Threading may be the only solution, but you are going to suffer some
delays doing cache maintenace.

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