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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Let's get rid of .htaccess files :-)
Date Thu, 18 Jul 1996 22:22:51 GMT
> On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, Randy Terbush wrote:
> > I'm playing with a format that would be as follows:
> > 
> > conf/      <-- toplevel config "database"
> > .htconfig  <-- contains and global config info	
> >     /   <-- each of directories contain Vhost info
> >     /   <-- the docroot directory structure would
> >     /   <-- be mirrored _only_ where there were .htacces
> > 
> > You would only need to parse the tree at startup and SIGHUP.
> > It would be very easy to have a separate daemon watching the
> > conf/ for changes and sending a SIGHUP when needed. The conf/
> > could even be a DBM format file, however I prefer the idea
> > of leaving it accessible by basic system tools like 'vi'.
> > Hell, I could even imagine an Emacs mode for configuring the
> > server! :-)
> *shudder*  Imagine a site with a couple thousand people with their own
> web pages.  Now imagine having 5 of those people actively changing their
> configuration items for their directories...  Now imagine the server
> HUPing every time.

I don't have to imagine it... :-)
That's why I suggested a separate process that monitored changes
and HUP'd on your schedule, not the users.

> Also how are you going to monitor the directory for changes?  Have a
> process continually look at the time stamps for any configuration file
> in the tree?  I'm only a bit confused.


> For large systems either .htaccess or a similar technique is the best
> thing to do since it allows the individual to modify his/her access
> perms with ease.

So would this. I'm not suggesting that we remove that functionality.
There is no need to search for them on every URL request IF we
read them in and store that information at startup.

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