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From sameer <>
Subject Re: security holes and other fun stuff
Date Wed, 17 Jul 1996 17:53:20 GMT
> I'm not sure that the IP numbers are relevant. The problem seems to be trying
> to use <VirtualHost ...> for the "main" server.

	How are you defining "main" server? One thing I noticed:

Port 80

Redirect /secure https://host/secure

<VirtualHost *:443>

	Doesn't work, because the redirect is propogated into the
vhost configuration, so you get an infinite loop.

Port 443

<VirtualHost *:80>
Redirect /secure https://host/secure

	works. How does one turn off a "Redirect" directive, so that
443 can be in the vhost configuration rather than 80? (I'm implying
here of course that the 443 server has ssl configured into it.)

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