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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Authentication API
Date Wed, 17 Jul 1996 16:43:58 GMT
>   I would like to create a way to determine the type of Auth
>   scheme that is in effect for a particular URL.
> Ummmm... there are several ways this could be done, and it's impossible
> to say what would be best without knowing *why* you want this.  What 
> problem are you trying to solve?
> rst

I would like to have access in the request_rec to information
regarding Access control and active Options for a given URL.

As a first step, I am trying to determine if the given URL has
any type of Authorization requirement, and if so what are the
user and group files, and what is the storage format.

Currently, it seems that the following is required:

- loop through the installed module list matching known
  authentication modules.
- Once you know what authentication modules are installed,
 (?_auth_config_rec *) get_module_config (rr->per_dir_config, &each_module);

My thought is to provide the following: (off the top of my head)

authtype_rec {
   char *format;
   char *pwd_file;
   char *grp_file;

And perhaps fill this in at the merge per-directory stage of the API?
It's likely that I am missing something here. Guidance appreciated.

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