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From "Christian Gross" <>
Subject Windows NT version of Apache
Date Wed, 17 Jul 1996 11:33:56 GMT
Well folks,  

I have done it I have ported Apache to NT.

Before I continue let me tell you who I am, my name is Christian Gross.  I
am NOT a NT bigot.  I own both NT stations and Sparc boxes and am very
happy with the Sparc boxs.  I have developed a product called Jet Stream
that needed a HTTP server.  As well I needed the source code and an "easy"
license.  The port was succesful and the product will be launched at my
clients that each have 25,000+ client Intranets.  If you want more info
about the product goto  Because of the "easy" nature of
the Apache source code, I decided that parts of the Apache server I want
to have the Apache group look at (the Apache core and some modules).  My
aim is to keep updating the NT version of the Apache server.  However, if
the Apache group likes my work and we can incorporate the changes for a
large scale release then I would be happy to contribute time to the Apache
group.  At our site we have 20 Gigs of available hard disk space with
several high end machines ranging from Sparc 20's, Dual Processor Pentiums
and Pentium Pro's.  Our Internet link is not the quickest, but it is

Now back to the issue, I ported 1.1.3 to use threads.  The package will be
released in about two weeks.  As well folks the code is rough, as I did
not simply know how to continue.  Once you have seen the code you will
understand why.  

Here is a list of things that were changed..  BTW while it would have been
nicer to actually use #defines for the code I added, I just deleted code
because in some places it would have resulted in one large #define.

http.h - conn_req, request_req, server_rec are all changed slightly,
nothing removed, just added
buff.c - total rewrite and the root calls being 100% altered
http_core.c - some rewrite
http_main.c - total rewrite with many things being discarded

All globals are either gone, threadsafe (read only variables) or have
protection from a semaphore.

Christian Gross
Phone 41.1.492.7827
Fax 41.1.492.7757

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