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From (Rob Hartill)
Subject Re: Apache 1.1.1 and the satisfy auth. clause
Date Tue, 16 Jul 1996 17:02:04 GMT


many people have requested "satisfy" but so far nobody has implemented
it (as far as I know). It's obviously something that'd be useful to
help more NCSA users upgrade to apache, but there's no timetable for
its implementation.


> I have just moved from ncsa httpd 1.5 to Apache 1.1.1.
> It was a smooth transition requiring no changes to either 
> the httpd.conf or srm.conf files. The server, 
> is noticably faster. 
> I have one complaint, the unsupported "satisfy any" clause for 
> .htaccess files. For easy access to internal pages, local machines
> are authorized using our domain name, Because
> we also need access from outside of our domain at times we 
> have passwords in place as well.
> Here's the .htaccess file we use.
> AuthUserFile /is/httpd/lib/access/uwsg.pass
> AuthName UWSG Access
> AuthType Basic
> <Limit Get Post>
> order deny,allow
> deny from all
> allow from
> require valid-user
> satisfy any
> </Limit>
> The server does not recogize the satisfy any directive and an
> error entry is place in the error_log file.
> [Tue Jul 16 10:36:33 1996] access to /is/httpd/data/uwsg/internal/.htaccess failed for, reason: Invalid command satisfy
> Are there plans to incorperate this function in to a new release of
> Apache?
> Thanks-
> leigh

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