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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: ProxyRemote and mod_negotiation.c ?!
Date Tue, 16 Jul 1996 04:29:44 GMT
If mod_negotation then gets fired on the rewritten URI (during
fixups and before the mod_proxy handler fires), I'd sort of expect this.

Ralf S. Engelschall liltingly intones:
> I've currently playing with the proxy module and discovered a problem. I'm
> not sure if it is really a bug or just a misconfiguration, etc.
> On my machine I have the following lines in the Apache
> 1.1.0 config:
>    ProxyRequests  on
>    ProxyPass      /en1
> Now, when I request the URI it gets
> correctly rewritten by mod_proxy to "proxy:".
> But then processing stops with an error due to mod_negotiation:
>    [Sun Jul 14 12:07:29 1996] access to proxy:
>    failed for, reason: cannot read directory for multi
> This occurs because mod_negotation tries to opendir() this URI and gives back
> these type of error messages if the opendir() failed.   Ok, I just did a
> short hack and added
>     if (strncmp(r->filename, "proxy:", 6) == 0)
>         return DECLINED;
> to the top of read_types_multi() in mod_negotiation.c, i.e. just before it
> does the opendir() stuff, etc. ANY NOW IT WORKS CORRECTLY! Hmmm...
> Can someone explain me, why mod_negotiation becomes this URI, tries to check
> it and stops if it cannot be found? Is this a bug? Or did I made any
> mistakes?
> BTW: My mod_rewrite was not in the play at this tests, just to be sure
>      that no other URI rewriting stuff occurs, too!
> Any hints? Or need more details?

Chuck Murcko	N2K Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:
Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.

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