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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: The FreeBSD port
Date Sun, 14 Jul 1996 17:16:37 GMT
> I was just having a look at what the FreeBSD folks did with
> Apache-1.1.1 for their new 2.1.5 release. What they are distributing
> raises the following questions which I wanted to get some feedback
> on before contacting them.
> 1. They are distributing with the following patch applied.
>    I'm not entirely sure of it's usefulness and thought the
>    group might find it interesting.
> 2. Other patches are applied to change default SERVER_ROOT, DOCROOT, 
>    etc.
> 3. The version of the server remains Apache-1.1.1.
> Item 3 in my opinion becomes somewhat of a support issue since
> it technically is no longer 1.1.1. Before/If I contact someone
> on this, I would like to get the group's feedback.


Strewth.  It's a pity that the changes made weren't forwarded to
new-httpd so people could see if they merited inclusion in the real
1.1.1 (perhaps they were,in which case NULL). I'd venture to say
that the changes are such that users of the FreeBSD folks server
need to be made aware, by FreeBSD.ORG that they're using software
'based' on Apache 1.1.1 but with 'significant' modification to the
code in order to handle Charsets.

I'd be unhappy if no attempt was made to inform potential users
that they were receiving a modified version of the code.  Perhaps
then the 'Server:' header should read:

    Server: Apache/1.1.1 FreeBSD/2.1.5-RELEASE

Indeed, it may *already* identify itself this way, in which case
I just wasted 5 minutes precious time writing unnecessary mail.


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