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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: project plan
Date Fri, 12 Jul 1996 21:44:49 GMT
>   I'd tend to have to agree with this.  First of all, any features you want
>   for Apache can be held until the server becomes multi-threaded.  It has
> Allow me to show my contrarian streak.  We actually have a fair number
> of things lying around which could be wrapped up in 1.2 --- minimal
> HTTP/1.1 compliance, PUT-handling, revised versions of certain modules,
> etc., which could probably be wrapped up fairly quickly; certainly more
> quickly than the threaded server could be brought to market.  There is
> considerable interest in some of these items, and no obvious reason why
> they should *have* to wait, and I think we can probably find a list
> which *doesn't* conflict with any 2.0 work.  (I'm assuming here that
> we really can restrict ourselves to the "easy" parts of HTTP/1.1, which
> is actually most of it, as I suggested earlier; if not, this changes 
> things somewhat).
> So, given all that, what is the good reason not to wrap up the easy bits
> into a 1.2 release while we have 2.0 in the OR under general anesthesia
> in another branch?
> rst

I tend to agree with this plan.

We have the following things from memory that could be added to 1.2:

mod_rewrite (general regexp support)
setuid() execution
PUT support
HTTP/1.1 support (the "easy" parts)
graceful restart
better inter-module communication


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