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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: performance ``bugs'' in apache-1.1b4's P-HTTP
Date Thu, 11 Jul 1996 22:09:23 GMT
  If there are CGI scripts which don't do buffering, there seem to be
  several work-arounds:

Actually, Apache currently buffers the output of all CGI scripts, which
has driven a lot of CGI authors who *want* to write stuff out in dribs
and drabs to use the execrable NPH- hack (which allows them direct access
to the socket back to the client).  

We have recently been discussing an extension which would allow non-NPH
CGI scripts to request that buffering be disabled, and that data should
be written to the client directly as and when it is written from the
script.  Disabling the Nagle algorithm when that option is in effect,
and in that case only, might be the best approach all around.  

(But then again, that option doesn't exist yet --- in the current
situation, it only makes sense to disable Nagle, I think, when the
socket is being passed off directly to an NPH- script, most of which,
in fact, do the lotsa-short-writes thing in current practice).


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