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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Configurable nph filenames
Date Thu, 11 Jul 1996 21:40:19 GMT
Cliff, you are talking as if you think that most of the code in the
server would have to be severely reworked to run threaded.  This is
simply not correct.  The magnitude of the change is nowhere *near*
the shift from Apache 0.6 to Shambhala.  Not in the same ballpark.
Perhaps in the same city, but heading out towards the 'burbs.

In fact, most of the current threaded server prototype is pretty much
identical to the corresponding code in straight Apache.  This is in
some measure because, in the "traumatic" Shambhala rework, I
deliberately anticipated the additional work needed to run the thing

This is not to say that it's in shape to be released tomorrow; it's a
prototype, not a finished, polished product.  However, most of the
remaining work is mopping up details and packaging (getting the status
module working is the most difficult item I'm aware of).  If you could
say what *specifically* has you worried, I think the discussion would
be a whole lot more productive.


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