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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Too soon for 1.2 commits ??
Date Wed, 10 Jul 1996 09:34:12 GMT
> But
> and
> are the same place and I would expect to be served from the cache..
> I disagree with Rob about changing this. You might want to ignore
> one but not the other and the change he requests would make that
> impossible.

I'd say it is far less confusing to make this case-insensitive.

> I'd be happy with regex functionality so if you specifically do want
> to be case insensitive you can specify that yourself, making the server
> default to being case insensitive is *broken* since the URL's are not
> the same.

In this context, I'd guess that 99.99% of RefererIgnore entries out
there would benefit from being case insensitive.

Maybe add another directive RefererIgnoreCase  if you think that
anyone would find a use for case sensitive RefererIgnore's

Regex sounds like the best option if we can get it working.

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