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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "Does the apache server allow server uploads" on SCO (fwd)
Date Tue, 09 Jul 1996 20:19:26 GMT
> Does the apache server handle server uploads from
> within Netscape or MS-Frontpage browsers to let
> the user maintain his private pages?

Netscape Gold and GNN Press (among others) use the HTTP protocol's PUT
method to upload files.  Apache 1.1 allows you to specify a CGI script
to which PUT requests to ordinary files will be referred (via the
"Script" command, as in "Script PUT /my/put/handler").  However, the
current release does not supply any PUT-handling script which actually
handles uploading of files.  (The PUT handler, if one is declared, is
invoked much like any other CGI script.  It receives the URI of the
file being uploaded as the value of the environment variable
PATH_INFO, and the corresponding filename as PATH_TRANSLATED; the
contents of the file itself are transmitted as standard input to the

Unfortunately, Microsoft FrontPage does not use the standard protocol
for uploading files; the only way to make Apache interoperate with
FrontPage is to install Microsoft's FrontPage server extensions, which
is a set of CGI scripts which implement a proprietary set of commands
for authoring support and remote site management (layered over HTTP,
of course, by transmitting site-management commands as invocations of
those scripts).  

There is interest within the group in doing this better, including at
least one pre-alpha PUT handling script, but it is not yet completely
clear when that work will be publically released.  Among other things,
we want to be sure our security story is straight...

Thanks for using Apache.


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