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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Nevermind... mod_proxy
Date Mon, 08 Jul 1996 18:34:46 GMT

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Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 11:25:06 -0700
To: Randy Terbush <>
From: (Raynard A. Jong)
Subject:  Apache v1.1  as a proxy server

Sorry,  Operator error.

I appear to have it have it running as a http proxy server now.

With your help, I got Apache 1.1 to compile with the additional mod_proxy.c

I got a list of proxy directives from Now the question is, where do
you put the directives that configure the proxy?  I tried to simply turn on
the proxy with a "ProxyRequests on" command in the configuration file,
httpd.conf.  However,  I get a "Invalid command ProxyRequests" message

Can you point me to someone or some other documentation about using the
mod_proxy module?  I understand that the module is experimental, but I
would like to try it out.



Ray Jong

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808 / L-195
Livermore, CA 94551-9900

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Telephone (with voice mail) :  (510) 423-0498
FAX :                                               (510) 424-5489

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