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From sameer <>
Subject comments on the freebsd dist?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 1996 17:12:54 GMT
	So people are consensed to put 1.1.1 on freebsd 2.1.5?

	We're also putting Apache-SSL-US on the domestic version of
the disc, ut Apache-SSL-US only supports 1.0.5 right now, and it comes
with a whole package, which means it has nonSSL apache as well a
SSL-apache in the default distribution installation.

	My figuring is that a reasonable way to manage this would be
to have apache intsall in /usr/local/www by default, and then if the
user wants to install apache-ssl (there are all sorts of
non-commercial warnings, so hopefully I won't get sued by RSA over
this) it will go in /usr/local/apache and /usr/local/ssl. 

	Does that seem reasonable to all? If someone wants to run 1.1
apache in a configuration like this they need to comment out the line
that starts the 1.0.5 nonSSL apache in /usr/local/apache/start

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