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From Lucid <>
Subject Re: PUT handler spec?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 1996 16:00:30 GMT
Ok here is yet another idea...

Implementing something similar to a union file system,
the idea would be that there is some sort of mapping
scheme for the URI. This would provide for a "staging"
layer for documents and help with alot of our current
worries since nothing would affect the "live" version.

Some sort of token would be necessary for accessing the
documents in authoring mode. this token could be a cookie
or preferably a seperate port

example of how this mapping scheme might work...

URL					Unix File System
----					-----------------	~bill/public_html/index.html	~bill/public_html/staging/index.html
	OR if ~bill/public_html/staging/index.html does not exist

this would map documents that do not exist in the staging version
to the live version, and allow only PUTs to the staging version.
This meathod requires some sort of commit option for the enduser.
I haven't thought about this enough to contemplate how to go about
commiting documents

-bill morris

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