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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: counters internal to web server
Date Sun, 07 Jul 1996 12:45:04 GMT
> Has anyone ever thought of adding hit counters to be internal to the web
> server?  I'm playing with the idea now by adding it into the mod_include
> as <!--#counter --> with options to come in the near future.  What has
> been done about this type of thing in the past?  I know from running a
> web server that counters are something that many people want, and if we
> could have counters be a built in feature of the web server, well then
> that would make our lives easier...

I usually make my life easier by ignoring people, but...

Try resurrecting Rob H's mod_counter.c (sp?) and add a fix to place
the current page's count in an environment variable APACHE_PAGE_COUNT
or some such.  Then use the SSI:

    This page has been whacked <!--#echo var="APACHE_PAGE_COUNT" --> 

Or some similar stuff in a CGI-SCRIPT:

    print STDOUT "This script has been called $ENV(APACHE_PAGE_COUNT) times\n";

[snip, the mysteries of URL]

> Just a question.  Would be nice if the filename was the actual one "true"
> filename without excess garbage.

Mmm, well, I'm also in the unhappy position of not knowing why URLs
aren't hammered into a /./ free shape by Apache.  But I'm sure
someone will tell me.

> Michael 


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