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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: SetEnv
Date Fri, 05 Jul 1996 13:31:30 GMT

Andy wrote:
> You'll find that PATH and TZ (timezone) are special cased by the
> core.  This means that you can SetEnv both variables till you're
> blue in the face but the core will ignore your settings and impose
> its own.  Seems like the core code is called after mod_env.c has
> set the values.
> One fix is to make the core only supply values if they're not
> already in the environment (put there by mod_env.c forinstance).
> Another fix is to remove the core's ENV variable setting abilities
> and instead rely on mod_env.c for talking to the server's real (or
> virtual) ENVironment.
> But people have mentioned this before so...

Then why does mod_env.c have an example in the headers...

 *           For example, the sequence:
 *              PassEnv PATH
 *              SetEnv PATH /special/path
 *           Causes PATH to take the value '/special/path'.

That must count as a severe documentation bug... it uses an example
that's known not to work. Andy you're a cruel bugger!  :-)

blue in the face,
The rumor is that Jack Kevorkian has setup a Windows-NT users group.

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