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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: SetEnv
Date Fri, 05 Jul 1996 19:21:09 GMT
You'll find that PATH and TZ (timezone) are special cased by the
core.  This means that you can SetEnv both variables till you're
blue in the face but the core will ignore your settings and impose
its own.  Seems like the core code is called after mod_env.c has
set the values.

One fix is to make the core only supply values if they're not
already in the environment (put there by mod_env.c forinstance).
Another fix is to remove the core's ENV variable setting abilities
and instead rely on mod_env.c for talking to the server's real (or
virtual) ENVironment.

But people have mentioned this before so...


> Has anyone managed to override the PATH using SetEnv/PassEnv/etc ?
> When I try it, the exisiting path is always kept and my new path is
> ignored.
> ?

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